Finex Joins Forces with Invest Seoul: A Leap Towards Global Business Expansion

The Seoul Appeal: An Asian Economic Powerhouse 


On July 19th, 2023, world-class businesses convened at the luxurious St. Regis Hong Kong for a conference with one objective: “Seoul Forward: Your Next Business Destination.” Hosted by Invest Seoul, the event aimed to highlight Seoul’s burgeoning economic landscape and attract global companies to the vibrant city.


As the economic hub of Asia, Seoul presents a goldmine of opportunities for foreign direct investment. Its rapidly growing economy and welcoming business environment create an ideal landscape for international corporations looking for expansion. Participants in the conference, including us at Finex, were companies looking to expand their businesses into Korea.

Invest Seoul: A Catalyst for International Business


Invest Seoul, established by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, is a Foreign Investment Promotion Agency designed to support the entry of global powerhouses into Seoul’s thriving business environment. It’s their commitment to provide service to global investors from Hong Kong and beyond, aiding them in identifying and seizing lucrative business partnerships in Seoul.

Finex’s Endeavors: Connecting Continents and Cultivating Capital


As Finex, we’re the established link between GPs and Asian LPs, specializing in capital raising and identifying exclusive growth opportunities. Our participation in this event was guided by a strategic decision to formalize a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Invest Seoul.


This MOU marks the beginning of a meaningful partnership where Finex and Invest Seoul join forces to uncover and boost the potential of Korea market. Finex will introduce foreign VCs/GPs to Korean LPs during Invest Seoul’s events and conferences. At the same time, Invest Seoul will bring us additional access to more Korean institutional LPs, facilitating potential business partnerships.

Shaping the Future: Finex and Invest Seoul


Invest Seoul has an innovative matchmaking service that connects LPs and GPs locally and internationally to discover mutually beneficial business opportunities. As Finex, we are the bridge between Asian LPs, including Koreans, and GPs from Europe and the US. With our collaboration, we intend to go further by providing a smooth passage for investment and partnership opportunities.


A Harmonious Collaboration: Finex and Invest Seoul


In conclusion, the MOU between Finex and Invest Seoul marks the beginning of our journey towards global expansion. We anticipate a long-term partnership with Invest Seoul to capture new exciting opportunities that could foster a thriving business ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders.

At Finex, we’re thrilled to be part of this exciting venture. With Invest Seoul by our side, we aim to facilitate global investments in and out of Korea. To get access to the Korea market, please contact to our CEO, Chris Kim, or Finex Managing Director – Korea, Jesse Park.

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