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Since our establishment in 2017, Finex has been at the forefront of identifying the untapped potential of Asian investors. With a commitment to excellence, we expanded our operations in 2019, assembling a team of 65 dedicated associates specializing in front-end distribution within the Asia Pacific region. Our relentless pursuit of success has led us to achieve a significant milestone, surpassing the remarkable milestone of raising over $3 billion within three years.

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APAC's Largest Private Equity Placement Platform

Introducing Finex – Your APAC Fundraising Partner. We specialize in connecting General Partners (GPs) with Asia’s elite Limited Partners (LPs). As the trusted intermediary, we simplify the path to success by providing GPs exclusive access to a vast network of LPs in the region. Our expertise and extensive industry knowledge enable GPs to unlock new avenues of growth and secure essential capital from discerning LPs. Join Finex today and harness the power of our unparalleled connections to drive your fundraising efforts in Asia to unprecedented heights.

Greater China

+50 Institutional LP's
+180 Family Offices

South Korea

+175 Institutional LP's
+400 Asset Managers
+45 Securities Companies


+400 Institutional LP's
+75 Gatekeepers

South East Asia

+55 Institutional LP's
+380 Family Offices


+75 Institutional LP's
+75 Family Offices

Finex Hong Kong

Why Choose Us?


Asia's One-stop Shop

Expand your reach in the APAC region effortlessly with our comprehensive services. We offer the broadest network of 100+ Family Offices, ensuring access to potential investors across Korea, Japan, South East Asia, and Greater China.


Unique Partnership Model

Experience a tailored engagement with our unique commercial nature. Our approach sets us apart, as we prioritize your success. Our fee structure is designed to adapt to your specific needs, providing flexibility and aligning our interests with yours.


Agile Regional Fundraising

Don’t miss out on time-sensitive opportunities in APAC. Our expert team ensures that the timing of your fundraise aligns with each region’s dynamics, accelerating the process. We navigate the markets swiftly, matching the right investors with your fund efficiently.


Broadest Family Office Network

Gain access to Asia’s elite investor base through our expansive network. With the broadest reach in Singapore and Hong Kong, we connect you with influential Family Offices. Capitalize on the vast investment potential of these fast-moving markets, leveraging our deep connections and extensive experience to propel your funds to new heights.


Korea’s In-depth Market Penetration

Dive into the Korean market with confidence, leveraging our deep and extensive network. With our local distribution partners we look provide a deeper understanding of the Korean market, we help you access valuable opportunities right on time, forge strategic partnerships, and unlock the full potential of your funds.


Strategic Dominance in Japan

Conquer the niche Japan market with our robust team of 11 on-the-ground experts. With a wide network of gatekeepers and end LPs, we strategically plan your fund’s marketing activities 12 months ahead, ensuring optimal timing and maximum exposure.

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