ASK Conference – 4 Key Reasons Private Equity Professionals Must Attend

Finex, a premium sponsor of the forthcoming Alternative Investment Summit Korea (ASK) Conference in October, is dedicated to facilitating connections between General Partners (GPs) and Limited Partners (LPs) in the Asian market. Our primary focus is on facilitating capital raising and uncovering distinctive growth prospects. As we approach this highly anticipated event, it is imperative to underscore that attendance is not a choice but an essential commitment for Private Equity (PE) professionals.

1. Access to Asian Capital


The ASK Conference is a vital channel for direct engagement with Asian capital resources, including institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals. This direct access enables GPs, particularly those based in Western markets, to connect with often hard-to-reach Asian capital sources without the typical intermediary layers.

2. Regulatory Framework


The regulatory environment in Asia presents distinct challenges for market entry and capital raising activities. The ASK Conference facilitates specific briefings and expert panels on compliance, tax regimes, and other essential regulatory factors. This information is crucial for GPs aiming to enter and operate in the Asian market.

3. Market Intelligence


Global and regional market trends are an essential consideration for any PE investment. The conference includes data-driven presentations by industry analysts on market forecasts and trends. These provide valuable insights to Korean LPs for their investment decision-making.

4. Strategic Contacts


The ASK Conference attendee list comprises high-level professionals in the PE and alternative investment space. The significance of quality over quantity is emphasized, given each attendee’s strategic value. Networking at this event could ultimately lead to strategic collaborations and alliances.



To sum up, the ASK Conference is not discretionary but an imperative investment for those aiming to adeptly navigate the fast-changing landscape of Private Equity. Missing out on this opportunity to connect with influential people in the industry would result in a tangible opportunity cost in terms of knowledge, strategic relationships, and future growth prospects. As your committed partner, Finex is dedicated to ensuring a valuable experience for all participants.

We await your participation in the ASK Conference this October. To get more information on ASK conference, please contact to our CEO, Chris Kim, or Finex-Korea,  Managing Director, Jesse Park.

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