Steering Towards Success: Promoting Jesse Park, our New Managing Director for the Korea Team

In the ever-evolving financial domain, the presence of an insightful leader can significantly alter the course of growth. At Finex, we are thrilled to share the promotion Jesse Park as the new managing director for our Korean operations. With a record of 3 years as a senior director at Finex and profound expertise in the Korea market, Jesse and our dedicated team are ready to carve a new success story in South Korea and beyond.

Capitalizing on Expertise:

Success at Finex revolves around the collective talent of our team. Jesse, an adept sales/IR/product specialist, is a testament to our excellence. His firm understanding of the market, profound experience in the private equity space and fluency in both Korean and English have forged strong relationships with our partners. Jesse has cultivated an expansive regional network, connecting sovereigns, insurance companies, banks, securities companies, and asset managers.


Jesse’s expertise encompasses all direct deals, buyouts, credits, real estate, and infrastructure funds in the US and EU. With senior advisors and 12 talented full-time associates who are sales and product specialists on the ground, he sees lots of potential in the Korea market.


The Journey to Success:

Jesse brings his deep experience and network in the financial industry that helps capture more prominent business opportunities for Finex Korea. Before Finex, he worked as an investment manager for various private equity platforms, such as HQ Capital. His invaluable contributions to over 50 private equity funds demonstrate his deep market insights and knack for discovering valuable investment opportunities.


He is an MBA holder from The University of Hong Kong, which adds to his professional experience in the industry in developing strategies that cater to global trends and local market needs.

The Finex Advantage:

With Jesse leading our Korea team, we fortify our stance as the preferred platform for growth opportunities. Our excellence in delivering relevant and customized service to our clients comes from having the largest local sales team in Korea. Together, we work towards bridging global GPs with Asian LPs, unlocking exclusive opportunities and capital growth.


In a niche market like Korea, a leader who understands language and culture is vital. Jesse’s Korean roots equip him to build genuine relationships and navigate the unique Korean market dynamics, opening doors to innovative international and local collaborations. To get access to the Korean market, please contact to our CEO, Chris Kim, or managing director – Korea, Jesse Park.

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