Lili Wang’s Promotion to Partner at Finex: A Strategic Move in Enhancing Our Global Reach

Finex is pleased to announce the promotion of Lili Wang to the position of Partner, focusing on expanding our presence in Greater China and South East Asia. This underscores Lili’s tremendous contributions to developing a deep network of GPs and LPs in the APAC market with successful capital raises.

Lili Wang: A Snapshot of Excellence


Lili Wang’s journey with Finex has been characterized by innovation, leadership, and an unwavering commitment to her clients. As a managing director of SEA/GC at Finex, she pioneered global investor relations by leading international partnerships and offering tailored investment products.


Her previous roles include working at Finexis S.A. as a project manager and customer service officer, in charge of fund structuring proposal and setup for UCITs Sub-Funds, and at ING Luxembourg SA, where she was involved in financial reporting. Lili’s ability to forge strong client relationships and her detail-oriented approach in client onboarding are widely acclaimed.

Academic and Professional Credentials


Lili holds a bachelor’s in Economics and Finance from Wuhan University of Technology. She has two Master’s degrees in Financial Controls and Audit and International Finance and Management. She is also a CFA Level II candidate, underscoring her commitment to professional development.

Multilingual Proficiency


With proficiency in Chinese, French, English, and Cantonese, Lili’s multilingual abilities allow her to build and maintain relationships across different cultures and markets, fortifying Finex’s position as one of the leaders in the private placement business in the APAC region.

The Role Ahead: Partner for Greater China and Southeast Asia


Lili’s promotion to Partner includes an expanded remit, focusing on three critical regions. Her profound experience and in-depth knowledge of LPs and FOs in these territories place her in an unparalleled position to drive Finex’s goals.


With a team of 50 full-time associates, including product specialists and senior advisors, she will guide Finex in raising capital, uncovering growth opportunities, and delivering customized solutions to our GPs and LPs.

Wrap-Up: A Future Defined by Growth


Lili Wang’s promotion to Finex Partner represents more than an organizational shift; it aligns strategically with Finex’s vision for further growth in Greater China and Southeast Asia. Her comprehensive understanding of these markets and her multifaceted professional background make her an invaluable asset to Finex. Her passion for excellence, forward-thinking approach, and leadership qualities signify a bright future for our company and the broader financial landscape in the regions she oversees. To get access to the APAC market, please contact to our CEO, Chris Kim, or our partner, Lili Wang.

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